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Kidston's Leadership Programs are Expanding!

Do you have a teen interested in Camp Kidston’s Leadership Programs?

Exciting news: our leadership programs have been updated!

Over the course of the past year, we have done extensive consultation with staff, previous participants, and program resources. Due to exceptionally high demand and long waitlists in our previous leadership program (CIT), as well as a high number of campers repeating the exact same program multiple years in a row, we have restructured our leadership programs. We are very excited that this new structure will allow Camp Kidston to offer better programming to more teens each summer!

We understand that changes can take some adjustment, so please read on if you would like to know more.

Our previous CIT Program is now called Junior Leaders. This two-week program has remained very similar to the previous program, so it is likely what your teen has seen/experienced before at Kidston. Junior Leaders is the first program campers can apply for, beginning at age 14, and includes a combination of workshops, group activities, and coaching – all within a camp context that is fun, active, and adventure-based. The second week of this program matches participants with a cabin and a counsellor, to put their leadership skills into practice and learn more about what it’s like to be a camp counsellor at Kidston. Despite the change in name, your teen will still have the same experience at Kidston as they would have had prior to these changes.

Our new, secondary leadership program has kept the CIT name, as it will now be more similar to CIT programs that other summer camps in our area provide. Youth must be at least 15 and have completed the Junior Leader program to apply for the CIT program. A higher level of maturity, commitment, and experience (usually gained from completing Junior Leaders) is expected, as CITs will be provided with the opportunity to volunteer with a cabin during multiple sessions.

Please remember that we have participants in both programs at all ages. Young people grow and develop in their own ways, on their own timelines. We have had successful 14-year-olds and successful 17-year-olds in the same leadership program.

Common FAQs:

My teen is interested in eventually working at Camp Kidston. Do they have to complete these programs to be able to apply for summer jobs?

No, participation in Junior Leaders and/or CIT is not required to apply to Camp Kidston. Some of the core aspects we look for in potential staff applicants include previous childcare experience, responsibility, and teamwork/leadership abilities. These skills/experiences can be gained in many places, and we’ve had many successful staff members who have gained their leadership skills from volunteering at churches, schools, community groups, etc. instead of through Kidston’s leadership programs. As we approach hiring in 2024, we will also know that some campers only had the chance to complete one of these programs.

My teen has already completed a CIT program (or equivalent) at another camp. Can they register in CIT?

Yes, if your teen is at least 15, has completed a CIT program at another camp and/or has extensive external childcare experience, they may be considered for registration in the CIT program. Please contact Janice at for further discussion.

Where can I find more information on these programs?

Extensive FAQs for both teens and parents are available at

Thank you for growing with us!

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