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Registration Fee Options

Mini Junior/Tadpole (3 Nights)

Tier 3 - Pay-it-Forward: $345

Tier 2 - Unsubsidized: $310

Tier 1 - Partially Subsidized: $275

Junior Leader/CIT (10 Nights)

Tier 3 - Pay-it-Forward: $815

Tier 2 - Unsubsidized: $765

Tier 1 - Partially Subsidized: $715

Registration fees for our children's camps vary based on program length (nights at camp). All fees include 24-hour supervision from trained staff, meals and accommodations, program supplies, all activities, and a camp t-shirt.

We offer a range of fee options (tiers). When they register, families choose the option which best fits their needs and budgets.


Kidston believes no child should be left out for financial reasons. In keeping with this, Tier 1 offers a lower, subsidized rate to those who are not able to pay the full cost of a week of camp. Tier 2 more accurately reflects the cost of a camp session. Our "Pay-it-Forward" option (Tier 3) allows you to make a small contribution towards supporting another family in need and to the increased costs of operating summer camp since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Summer 2023 Fees are as follows:

Junior/Senior (5 Nights)                     

Tier 3 - Pay-it-Forward: $480                

Tier 2 - Unsubsidized: $445                 

Tier 1 - Partially Subsidized: $410        

For families who need a higher level of support than Tier 1 provides, we encourage them to ask about our Sponsorship Program. Each year, our generous supporters make it possible for us to bring a number of campers to Kidston, who otherwise would not be able to experience camp. 

PLEASE NOTE: The tier a family chooses is kept fully confidential by our Registrar and Board. This information is not shared with campers or with counselling staff and in no way influences the experience children receive: activities, accommodations, meals, and supervision are the same, regardless of the tier chosen.

Curious to know more about Registration Fees? 

Where does my child's camp fee go?


It takes a lot to run a summer camp!  Here is a rough approximation based on 2022 data:

54% - Staff Costs - this includes salaries, required training, and other 'mandatory employment related costs.' 

16% - Food - we eat three meals and three snacks a day at camp, which adds up over a week! 

10% - Property - this includes everything from repairs and maintenance to required inspections and permits.

10% - Administrative Costs - think insurance, accounting, payroll, etc.

5% - Program Supplies - all the fun stuff that we do each week! 

5% - Utilities - oil, power, propane, and phone/internet. 

Screenshot (1079).png

Did you know?  The true cost of summer camp...

In 2022, the true cost of camp per child was approximately $850/week.  Camp Kidston relies heavily on fundraising, donations, grants, and off-season rental income to ensure we can keep the cost of summer camp affordable to our families and communities.

Kidston's Values   

At Kidston, we believe in fair pay.  Non-profit summer camps in Nova Scotia are exempt from minimum wage requirements, and most pay weekly salaries.  Some summer camps in the province pay as little as $100/week.  Pay is an equity issue, and when summer camps do not pay their staff adequately, they limit who can afford to work at summer camp. 

Over the past two years, we have made the commitment to pay our staff at least the equivalent of working a standard week at a minimum wage job.  Although we know we still have work to do, we are proud to be one of the camps in Nova Scotia with the highest entry level salary ($470/week).  While we continue to fund numerous staff salaries through grants, this is the reason why our staffing cost is over 50% of the camp fee.  

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