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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the camp located?

Camp Kidston is located on Long Lake, on the Mooseland Road (also called the Moose River Road) near Middle Musquodoboit.

Maps and Directions

What time is drop off and pick up?

  • Tadpole Sessions – Drop-Off 11am-12pm; Pick-up 11am-12pm

  • Junior, Intermediate, Senior Sessions – Drop-Off 2pm-3pm; Pick-up 11am-12pm

  • Junior Leader & CIT Sessions:

    • Week 1: Drop-Off 2pm-3pm; Pick-up 11am-12pm

    • Week 2+: Drop-Off 12pm, Pick-up 1pm

How long is the drive to Kidston?

The drive is roughly 75 minutes from downtown Halifax and 65 minutes from Truro.

My child would love to come to camp, but I just can’t afford it right now…

We believe that no camper should ever be excluded because of financial concerns. Through the generous help of our many supporters and donors, we are able to offer sponsorships to many campers. Don’t hesitate to email our Executive Director ( to talk about sponsorship options.

Do I have to be a member of a church to attend Kidston?

Nope! While we are operated through the United Church of Canada, we welcome people from all faith or non-faith traditions. We do include some activities focused on exploring faith-based values and some of our songs reflect those values. However, most of what we do involves non-denominational community and spirit-building fun and games.

My child loves everything about camp except sleeping in the woods. Do they HAVE to complete an overnight trip?


Counsellors organize out-trip schedules based on the needs, interests, and readiness of the campers they work with each session. We encourage campers to try new things and to step outside their comfort zones in safe ways. In addition, out-trips only take place when it is SAFE to do so, based on weather and camper needs.

Does Kidston provide transportation to and from camp?

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide transportation. If this is an issue for you, please let us know: we can sometimes help parents connect with other families who may be able to car pool.

What does my child need to bring to camp? 

The most important items they will need in addition to clothes are a sleeping bag, pillow, rain gear, swimsuit and towel, sturdy shoes, sunscreen, sunhat, and insect repellent. All food and activity supplies are provided. 


A helpful hint: the more your camper is involved in packing their bags, the better they will be able to find what they need after drop-off.  

Is Kidston an accredited camp?

Yes, we are accredited by The United Church of Canada and the Camping Association of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Can I contact my child while they are at camp?  Can my camper bring a cell phone? 

Because we want to help campers unplug from technology and plug into community instead, campers are not permitted to keep electronic devices with them at camp.


If you have any concerns about how your camper is doing while at camp, you can contact staff by calling the office phone and, if necessary, staff can bring your camper to the office to use the phone. We find that most campers (even those who have some homesickness during the first day) actually settle in better if they do not expect to be calling home.

My child has some unique needs. Can they / should they still come to Kidston?

This is a very important question! We want every camper to feel welcomed and successful at camp. In general, the better we understand your child’s unique needs, the better we can meet them. At the same time, we realize there may be some circumstances where we cannot safely meet the needs of all children. If you are wondering whether Kidston will be a good fit for your child this summer, please do not hesitate to contact us to talk this through.

How can I be sure that my child is ready for camp?

This is a great question to be considering! There are lots of great resources online to help you make a decision about this. Here is one of our favorites:


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