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Support-a-Camper Fundraiser

Camp Kidston's

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Bookmark this page! Only orders made through our page bring $$ back to campers

Support our campers by ordering your eco-friendly cleaning essentials through us - 20% of what you spend through our fundraiser page is donated to our Sponsorship Fund! 

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Be a laundry superhero!

Kids in your community are waiting for someone to help make their summer great.

  • 1 in 4 kids who come to Camp Kidston are supported by people like you

  • There are more campers in need of support this year than ever before

Waterways around the world are being clogged by hundreds of tons of plastic waste.

  • Only 10% of the plastic you put in your recycle bin will ever be recycled and only 1% will be recycled more than once

  • Many things we use every day can be safely shipped and stored without plastic

There is still laundry waiting for you at home...

        ... but now, doing laundry can be your secret superpower!

In honor of


Tru Earth is increasing its donation

of all our sales during



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on orders over $50

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