There are two phases of this 10-night program. The registration fee covers both phases and CITs are expected to complete both. There is a 2-day break between the two phases during which CITs return home

The first phase (5 nights) focuses on teambuilding among the CITs, exploration of personal strengths and values, strengthening canoeing and outdoor education skills, and building the CIT’s understanding of leadership and camper development. Weather permitting, this typically involves an overnight outtrip to one of the wilderness campsites on our grounds.

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Following a 2-day break, CITs are supported to put their learning into action in the second phase of training: Each CIT is paired with a staff mentor and, with the support and supervision of this mentor, has the opportunity to lead various activities with a group of campers.

Upon successful completion of both weeks, a CIT may be invited back as a volunteer to another camp session later in the summer.

This program is designed to develop candidates' skills in leadership, communication, and confidence in working with children.


Successful applicants will benefit from: 

  • two weeks of skill development, team building and mentoring at Kidston

  • canoe certification

  • personal faith development and leadership skills

  • outdoor leadership training

Applications open in February

Please note: Because the CIT role at camp requires a level of maturity and commitment, youth wishing to enroll in the CIT program are required to complete a brief application form, which will be reviewed by our leadership team before the youth’s registration is finalized. We accept a maximum of 12 CITs each summer. The qualities we look for in applicants are: positive attitude, enthusiasm and energy, cooperation and flexibility, self-motivation, responsibility and reliability, initiative, and willingness to learn and try new things.