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Will online camp be the same as as coming to overnight camp?

No, this will not be the same as our usual overnight camps. But it will be a way to bring some of that Kidston magic to whereever you and your camper are this summer!

Kidston Connects is a great way to play, grow, and make friends while staying safe at home. Kidston Connects activities will still reflect our traditional Kidston values and beliefs:

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Do I have to be a member of a church to join Kidston Connects?

Nope! While we are operated through the United Church of Canada, we welcome people from all faith or non-faith traditions. We do include some activities focused on exploring faith-based values and some of our songs reflect those values. However, most of what we do involves non-denominational community and spirit-building fun and games.

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Is Kidston an accredited camp?

Yes, we are accredited by the United Church of Canada and the Camping Association of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Do we need any special equipment to participate?

Your camper will need to have the use of a computer, iPad, smartphone, or similar device and reliable access to the internet in order to participate fully in the activities. They will also need a little bit of space somewhere in your home where there is room to move their arms and legs around, and where there won't be too many interruptions or distractions. Sometimes, they may need to collect some simple items from around the house (e.g., paper and pencil, stuffed animals, a bowl), Other than that, they just need their imaginations and their smiles.

Can my child participate for more than one week?

Absolutely... we'd love to have campers return again and again! Sign up for as many weeks as fit in your summer plans. 

How will we access activities?


Parents will be sent a unique login code for their camper.

Each day, campers will log on to sessions through our secure camp portal and they will be moved directly into their assigned groups and activities.

Will I get a chance to meet my child's cousellors?


Yes, our weekly schedule includes a chance for you to connect before and after, as well!

What times of day do activities run?

Generally, activities will run at various points throughout the day, between 9 am and 9 pm. Specific times may vary depending on the session and on the age of your camper. You will be sent a detailed schedule for the week ahead of time, so you can plan your non-camp activities. ​

What if we can't attend all our camper's activities on a given day?

No problem. We know you may have other things on the go! Just let us know not to expect your child. If we are expecting your camper and they don't show up, we will send you a text , to make sure everything is ok.​

My child would love to join in, but money is really tight right now…

We believe that no camper should ever be excluded because of financial concerns. Through the generous help of our many supporters and donors, we are able to offer sponsorships to many campers. Don’t hesitate to email our Registrar ( to talk about sponsorship options.

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