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Family Camp - NOW FULL for 2019!

This 2-night session allows the whole family (including parents) to share the Kidston experience at the same time. There is lots of choice for kid-only, adult-only, and everyone-together activities. Families can request to bring their own tents or trailers, or can stay together in one of our cabins. Our single registration fee covers food, materials, and activities for all family members.

Family camp also allows a unique opportunity for young and/or first-time campers to get to know our staff, settle in to their surroundings, and test their wings with parents nearby, before deciding if they are ready for more independence.


This 4-night session is tailored specifically for the youngest campers who need a little more care and attention. Staff ratios are higher than with our multi-age sessions (maximum of 1 staff: 6 campers) and activities are simplified to help ensure every camper experiences success. Tadpole campers will still have lots of opportunities to sing, swim, paddle, play, create, climb, explore, and make new friends.

Multi-age Sessions

Multi-age sessions can help simplify a busy summer by allowing all children in a family to attend camp at the same time, Or, if your children would rather have a bit more independence from their siblings, there is still the option for them to come to different sessions. Choose what works best for you.

We offer both 5-night and 4-night options. First-time campers may prefer a 4-night session, to help boost their confidence in being away from home. More confident or experienced campers may prefer a 5-night session.

Outtrip Sessions vs Homebase Sessions

Kidston’s 500 acres of natural forest, streams, lakes, and marshes provides unique opportunities for campers to explore the natural world and develop their comfort in being outdoors. All our on-site programs include a focus on outdoor education. At the same time, we realize that not all our campers are ready for the same level of immersion in the great outdoors! Choose the session that meets your camper’s interests and needs:

Our “Homebase Edition” sessions do NOT include any opportunity for a sleepover at one of our wilderness campsites. Weather permitting, campers may still go for hikes, picnics, or cookouts at one of our campsites, but they will always return to our cabins to sleep.
If your camper is ready for a slightly bigger adventure, consider one of our sessions which include an Outtrip, which offer the opportunity to sleep out under the stars for a night, weather permitting.

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2019 Summer Camp Dates

Elements of a Successful Summer Program


Fun and Laughter

Ask about how to find the Mythical Yip Yop!


Faith Exploration


Camp Kidston is the perfect location to explore who you are and what you believe in while connecting with nature and friends.  


Arts and Crafts


Unleash your creativity! Turn a pine cone into a Christmas ornament! Tie dye your clothing, your pillow case or camp counselor! Leave your mark on camp by contributing to the summer mural. You will have the opportunity for all this and so much more!


Outdoor Skills and Nature Hikes 


Become a nature sleuth, explore the lake-shore and the bog, learn to build a campfire and how to leave no trace as you stroll through the woods. 


Sports and Games


Let's Get Physical!!! Focusing on good sportsmanship and fun, our camp-wide games and small group activities are designed to build self-esteem and camaraderie. 




Come on in! Our inviting lake-shore beckons you to cool off on a hot summer day. Float, swim or play under the watchful eye of our trained lifeguards. 




Take a dip - a paddle that is! Ahhh, to be out on the water! Learn how to safely handle yourself on the water and then set off to explore Long Lake with our trained staff.




So many memories are made sitting around the campfire eating s'mores while singing silly songs, slow songs, repeat-after-me songs, action songs, loud songs.... don't forget all the great stories and skits too!!! (What would camp be like without "There was a great big moose"?)


Out Trips


Held during Outtrip camps we head out on foot or by canoe to one of the remote sites on our 562 acres. Learn how to build a lean-to, enjoy a fantastic cook-out, develop leadership skills and enjoy the full wilderness experience! 

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