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About Your 3 Tier Options

Our tier system allows us to continue to offer lower subsidized

fees,while informing everyone of the true cost of Camp Kidston

and how to help ensure the future of Kidston.

The fees scale three levels:

Tier 1 ($290) our historically subsidized rate that does not reflect the true cost of camp operating costs,

Tier 2 ($340) our partially subsidized rate,

Tier 3 ($390) that more closely accounts for the true costs of operating camp.

Please choose the Tier that is most suitable for your budget! This program is voluntary and in no way influences the experience children receive. It offers the opportunity for families to take an active role in supporting the true cost of their child's camp experience with an aim to help us establish a stronger camp. We believe that in our role as a caring Christian community, we are called to help all children experience the wonders of camp, like around the campfire where all marshmallows are awesome!

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During  camp


7429 Mooseland Rd.
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During camp - June to August

RR #2 Middle Musquodoboit, NS B0N 1X0


Off season - Sept to June

Camp Kidston PO Box 48011, Mill Cove PO

Bedford, NS B4A 3Z2


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Owned & Operated by United Church of Canada Since 1966